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Our all-in-one packages include the essential services for a dignified and respectful tribute. Our rates are on request as some charges will vary depending on your selection.

Example: choice of coffin, type of upholstery, number of bearers, etc.

Contact us for a precise and detailed quotation.

Our heart is entirely with you. We invite you to contact us to organise a beautiful ceremony to pay tribute to your loved one. We are at your disposal on > 02 792 08 00 < .

7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The various services we offer are as follows:

Our packages
Tribute with Burial illustration

Tribute with Burial

The tribute with burial usually includes a moment of recollection with the deceased, a ceremony around the coffin and an interment in the ground or…

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Tribute with cremation illustration

Tribute with cremation

Your funeral advisor is at your disposal to carry out the various administrative formalities related to the scattering or preservation of the ashes. He or…

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Infants | Children illustration

Infants | Children

The loss of a child is an extremely difficult ordeal. We are here to support and accompany you in your farewell.

The loss of a…

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Home funeral illustration

Home funeral

If you would like to hold the ceremony / the visits at home or in a private property, we can make it happen.

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International transfers illustration

International transfers

Through our expertise and partnerships with various funeral companies, we can transport your loved one to and from any part of the world.

Procedures and…

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Exhumation illustration


Our qualified and experienced staff is at your disposal to perform any intervention in order to move or group the remains in your family plot.

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Body donation illustration

Body donation

Donating your body to science is a magnificent altruistic gesture. This donation will not only allow research to continue to make progress, but will also…

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Our packages

Our funeral packages based on our experience contain the indispensable for the proper organization of the last tribute to your loved one.

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Discover our services in detail so that you can choose the package that best suits your wishes.

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Our products

Traditional coffins made of noble, exotic and ecological wood, contemporary, made of cardboard or natural fibre composites as well as a wide choice of urns and reliquaries.

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